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Public Access Areas (PAA's) are permanent or long term easements or Wyoming Game and Fish Commission owned land, managed by the Wyoming Game and Fish Department for allowing public access for recreational purposes. Most PAAs allow access for fishing and some PAAs allow access for hunting. PAAs will have signs with maps identifying the rules and regulations for each specific PAA in the parking areas.

Please review the general regulations for PAAs, which are set by the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission, as well as rules governing each unique area.

For site specific information and rules, please select a PAA from the drop down menu or on the interactive map below.

Use the dropdown menus below to see more information about each PAA

Big Game Allowed

(species can include: antelope, deer, elk, bighorn sheep or moose)

Waterfowl Allowed

Fishing Allowed

Boating Allowed

Camping Allowed

Public Access Areas

Alpine Wetlands
Alsop Lake
Badwater Ranch
Bear River
Beartrap Creek/Pheasant
Big Creek
Bighorn River-Kirby Ditch
Bighorn River-Longwell
Bighorn River-McCarthy
Bighorn River-Murillo
Bighorn River-Shafer
Bighorn River-Skelton
Bighorn River-Sorensen
Bighorn River-Wakely
Bighorn River-Wedding of the Water
Bighorn River-WYDOT
Black Elk Pond
Blacks Fork
Blue Creek
Boulder Rearing Station
Carter/Billy Miles
Clarks Fork River-Beartooth Ranch
Clarks Fork River-Bluff
Clarks Fork River-Clark
Clarks Fork River-Clark Canyon
Clarks Fork River-Eidelweiss
Clarks Fork River-Germans Rest
Clarks Fork River-Hatchery
Clarks Fork River-Hatchery Bridge
Clarks Fork River-Hillside
Coco Belle Van Meerendonk
Cow Creek Mountain
Deer Creek Canyon
Diamond Lake
Dome Rock Reservoir
Duck Creek
Dull Knife Reservoir
East Allen Lake
East Fork River-Richie's Vible
Elk Mountain Reservoir
Encampment River
Encampment River-Baggot Rocks
Fall Creek
Flying A Ranch
Gelatt Lake
Grayrocks Reservoir
Green River-Blue Rim Road
Green River-Daniel/40 Rod
Green River-Daniel/Blackmon
Green River-Daniel/Hatchery
Green River-Daniel/McLoughlin
Green River-Fear/Fear Meadows
Green River-Fear/Ferry Island
Green River-Fear/Five Mile Bridge
Green River-Fear/Reardon Draw
Green River-Huston
Green River-Sommer's Boat Launch
Green River-Sommers/Grindstone
Green River-Warren Bridge #2
Green River-Warren Bridge Parking Area #13
Green River-Warren Bridge Parking Area #8, 9
Hams Fork River-Bagley
Hams Fork River-Dunning
Hams Fork River-Peternal
Healy Reservoir
Idaho Pond
Jim Mountain Access Road
Lake Hattie
Laramie River-Monolith
Leazenby Lake
Little Popo Agie
Lower Sunshine Reservoir
Luckey Pond
Mac's 40
Meeboer Lake
Mexican Creek
Middle Fork Powder River-Ellis
Middle Popo Agie
Mile High Ranch
Monument Point
Mud Springs
Muddy Guard Reservoir #1
Muddy Guard Reservoir #2
Mule Creek Ranch
New Fork River-Airport
New Fork River-Boulder Bridge
New Fork River-Historical Park
New Fork River-Mesa Bridge
New Fork River-Remmick
Newton Lakes
North Fork Shoshone River-Big Creek
North Fork Shoshone River-Livermore
North Fork Shoshone River-Rivers Rest
North Fork Shoshone River-Trout Creek
North Fork Shoshone River-Wapiti
North Laramie-Funkhouser
North Platte River-Barnes Bridge
North Platte River-Big Muddy Bridge
North Platte River-Big Muddy Pond
North Platte River-Bixby
North Platte River-By The Way Ranch
North Platte River-Dave Johnston Power Plant
North Platte River-Foote
North Platte River-Fort Steele
North Platte River-Glendo
North Platte River-Guernsey
North Platte River-Hartnett
North Platte River-Lusby
North Platte River-Mills Bridge
North Platte River-Miracle Mile
North Platte River-Orin Junction Bridge
North Platte River-PacifiCorp
North Platte River-Paradise Valley
North Platte River-Pathfinder Ranches
North Platte River-Pick Bridge
North Platte River-Rabbit Hill
North Platte River-Robertson Road
North Platte River-Rochelle
North Platte River-Sanger
North Platte River-Schmitt
North Platte River-Sechrist
North Platte River-South Douglas
North Platte River-Speck/Bessemer Bend
North Platte River-Torrington Bridge
North Platte River-Treasure Island
North Platte River-Wendover
North Platte River-Whalen Diversion
North Platte River-Wyoming Fly Casters Memorial
North Popo Agie
Ogalalla Ranch
Osage Pond
Packers Lake
Penrose Trailhead
Pine Creek
Raymond Mountain
Red Horse
Rock Creek
Rock Lake
Salt River-A/G Lane
Salt River-Bateman's
Salt River-Burton's Lower
Salt River-Burton's Upper
Salt River-Clark's Barn
Salt River-Creamery Road
Salt River-Diversion
Salt River-Freedom Bridge
Salt River-Miller's
Salt River-Narrows Bridge
Salt River-Perkes
Salt River-Sanderson's
Salt River-Wakeman
Salt River-West
Salt River-Willow Creek
Salt River-Wolfley's
Saratoga Lake
Seminoe Reservoir-Bow Arm
Shoshone River-Cooper Lane
Shoshone River-Corbett Bridge Take-out
Shoshone River-Corbett Dam Put-in
Shoshone River-Dillmon
Shoshone River-North Cody
Shoshone River-Penrose Dam
Shoshone River-Shoshone Riverway
Shoshone River-Sulphur Creek
Shoshone River-Willwood
Shoshone River-Willwood Dam
Sodergreen Lake
South Fork Shoshone River-Andy Martin Hill
South Fork Shoshone River-Cody Canal
South Fork Shoshone River-Houlihan/Bobcat
South Fork Shoshone River-Twin Creek Trailhead
Sybille Lower
Tongue River Canyon
Twin Buttes
Upper Sunshine Reservoir
Viva Naughton
Von Gontard Landing
Walker Jenkins Lake
Wheatland Reservoir #1
Wheatland Reservoir #3
Wigwam Rearing Station
Wind River-Dunoir
Wind River-Jakeys Fork
Wind River-Landen
Wind River-North Parker
Wind River-Painted Hills
Wind River-Sawmill
Wind River-South Parker
Woodruff Narrows
Woods Landing
Wyoming Fly Casters Memorial-Jessica's Pond

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