Game and Fish Hunter Education instructor teaches two students wearing hunter orange about hunting shot placement

Hunter Education Courses

The basic purpose of hunter education is to reduce hunting incidents by teaching and promoting safe, legal, ethical and responsible hunting practices. 


Anyone born on or after Jan. 1, 1966, needs to carry proof of hunter education in the field if they are hunting with a firearm unless accompanied by a mentor. However, hunter education certifications from other states are valid in Wyoming. View Wyoming State Statute 23-2-106.


Traditional Course Details

Recommended for ages 10+ 


Traditional Hunter Education courses are taught in person and are instructor-led in a classroom setting. Traditional courses are better for students 12 years old and younger, hands-on learners, or individuals new to firearm handling. 


This course is 12-18 hours long and scheduled over 2-5 days. The course covers hunter responsibility and ethics, wildlife conservation and management, firearms and firearm safety, Game and Fish statutes and regulations, game care, wildlife identification, and outdoor safety. 


Spanish curriculum and translators are available upon request. 


To earn a certification:

  • Students must attend all scheduled class dates.

  • Students must pass a 50-question multiple-choice test with a minimum test score of 80%.

  • Students must pass a firearm handling practical.

  • Live fire is not required. However, some classes may offer an opportunity to shoot at a firearm range.


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Hunter education course, hands-on-lesson crossing fence with a firearm

Hybrid course details

Must be ages 10+


The Wyoming Game and Fish Department offers a 2 part hybrid online and in-person hunter education certification option. 

  • Part 1 in an online only, in-home course. 

  • Part 2 is the REQUIRED Internet Completion Course (ICC), an in-person, 4-hour, instructor-led course. 


*An Internet completion class may not be available when or where you need it, so pre-register for an Internet Completion Course before beginning the online self-study portion. 

*If you take the Wyoming online course, you MUST take the Wyoming internet completion course. Individuals that took an online course from a different state will NOT be allowed to take a Wyoming ICC.

Part 1: Online course

The online portion is self-study through an online course.  Adults average 9-10 hours of study while youth average 14 hours.


Spanish curriculum and translators are NOT YET AVAILABLE for the online course. 

  • Cost is $19.95 per person

  • Students must pass online progress quizzes


Once the online class is completed, students will be given a certificate of completion and will have 12 months from the time of completion to take an Internet Completion Course.


Online hunter education course

Part 2: Internet completion course

The Internet Completion Class is an in-person, instructor-led class in a classroom setting for 4-6 hours.


The class will cover:

  • Review of online curriculum 

  • Wyoming hunting laws and regulations

  • Wyoming wildlife ID and classification

  • Basics of firearm safety

  • Students must pass a 50-question multiple-choice test with a score of 80% or higher.

  • Students must pass a firearm handling practical.

  • Live fire is not required. However, some classes may offer an opportunity to shoot at a firearm range.


Register for an internet completion course to complete your Hybrid Course and receive your Wyoming Hunter Education Certificate.


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Can't find a course in your area?

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Topics taught in every Wyoming hunter education class include:

  • Hunter Responsibility and Ethics
  • Wildlife Conservation and Management
  • Firearms and Firearm Safety
  • Game and Fish Statutes and Regulations
  • Game Care and Wildlife Identification
  • Outdoor Safety