A lymph node sample in a plastic container is prepared for sampling

Chronic Wasting Disease

Chronic wasting disease (CWD) is a chronic, fatal disease of the central nervous system in mule deer, white-tailed deer, elk, and moose.

Was an animal you harvested tested for CWD? You can access your test results through your sportsperson's account. Results are typically available within 3 weeks.

Testing for CWD

How to Collect a CWD Sample

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department collects CWD samples for testing at hunter check stations and through voluntary sample submission. You may submit a sample for CWD testing even if you are hunting in an area that was not designated as a focus area. Learn how to collect and submit a sample for testing here.

Maps showing chronic wasting disease mandatory and monitoring focus areas for deer and elk

2023 CWD Focus Areas

If you hunt in a focus area selected for monitoring or mandatory sampling, you may receive additional communications about how to submit CWD samples. Your help in this effort is greatly appreciated! Please view this year's monitoring and mandatory sampling areas to determine if you may be asked to participate in surveillance efforts. Monitoring and mandatory sampling areas will be posted before hunting seasons open each year, typically by August 1.


Carcass Disposal Locations

If a hunter harvests an animal that has CWD, improper disposal of the animal's carcass can spread CWD to new areas. To minimize the possibility of transmission, Wyoming's regulations outline requirements for transporting and disposing of all big game carcasses. Regulations and approved carcass disposal locations can be found here.

Elk hunter

CWD Raffle

Each year, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department offers a hunting gear raffle for hunters who submit samples from their harvested game for CWD testing. This raffle is our way of incentivizing hunters to submit samples and thank those who do. Hunters play a critical role in our ability to monitor CWD in Wyoming, and we are grateful for those who partake in this effort.


Hunters who harvest animals from CWD focus areas are especially encouraged to submit samples.


Hunters will be entered to win prizes if they provide a usable CWD sample(s), with complete and accurate hunter and harvest information. Winners will be drawn randomly by early March each year and will be notified directly. 

2023 Raffle Prizes


Thank you to our raffle sponsors: Wyoming Wild Sheep Foundation, Browning, Maven, Weatherby, Muley Fanatic Foundation, Stone Glacier, and Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. Their generous donations have resulted in nearly $10,000 worth of prizes being raffled off this year. Prizes include hunting rifles, binoculars, scopes, packs, and more.



Wyoming CWD Management Plan

Wyoming Game and Fish Department has strived better to understand CWD through research and on-the-ground monitoring. We have spent years cooperating with other researchers evaluating vaccines, considering genetics, and searching for diagnostic test options while gathering over 30 years of prevalence data. 


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