Hunting & trapping

Wyoming provides numerous opportunities for hunters and trappers to harvest animals. Below is a list of resources and information to ensure a safe, legal and memorable experience.

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What do I need to hunt?

This is a condensed summary of what you will more than likely need with you in the field to be legal while hunting in Wyoming. It not a complete reference, and is not intended to alter the intent or statutory content of applicable wildlife laws and Wyoming Game and Fish Commission regulations. Read the entire regulation brochure for the species you will be hunting.


Two hunters in hunter orange hats sneak up on their quarry in a beautiful mountainous landscape.

Hunt Planner

Welcome to the Wyoming Game and Fish Department's Hunt Planner. In the sections that follow you will find interactive maps, species-specific hunt information, drawing odds, harvest information, public access and much more.

Trap Tag


The Wyoming Game and Fish Department manages and regulates furbearer trapping. Game and Fish ensures trapping activities are safe, efficient and practical.

Trophy game harvest limits

It is the hunter’s responsibility to confirm the hunt area the person intends to hunt is open. The status closures shall be available 24 hours a day by calling 1-800-264-1280.

Carcass disposal sites

Below is a map of Wyoming landfill and transfer stations that may accept waste from processed game animals and whole carcasses. Click on the facility to see the facility name, location and contact information. Contact these facilities or your local solid waste provider or municipality to check on policies on waste acceptance prior to disposal.

Harvest reports & surveys

Below is a link to the harvest reports for specific years. These reports contain the results of harvest surveys completed following the hunting seasons. Note that all species for previous years may not be available as information continues to be compiled electronically.

Job completion reports

Links to PDF documents of the 2022 big game job completion reports are below. Keep in mind these are large files and may take a while to download, especially if you have a slower internet connection.

Preference points

Preference points are a way to improve your odds of eventually drawing a license in a hard-to-draw hunt area. You can apply for preference points for: resident and nonresident moose, resident and nonresident full-price bighorn sheep, nonresident elk, nonresident deer and nonresident antelope.

Tooth aging

Tooth aging data can be used by wildlife biologist in various ways, but the ultimate goal is better management of Wyoming's game species. The Wyoming Game and Fish Department collects teeth via a focused survey for particular hunt areas, at game check stations throughout the state and through random field checks. Teeth are collected from elk, mule deer, white-tailed deer, moose, black bear, mountain lion and bison.

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