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What can we all do to ensure the future health and viability of wildlife and their habitats? The answer lies in how we inspire youth to experience the outdoors. The most important component to the future of our wildlife is having people who want to continue conservation. We are successful today in addressing our most pressing challenges because the people of our state value wildlife and are willing to put passion into action. It is critical for those who are old hands in the outdoors to invest time and effort into a kid today.


So the idea is quite simple: “Inspire a kid; it’s for life.” Take youth outdoors and show them why wildlife and our outdoor resources are so valuable to the Cowboy State.

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Difference between horns and antlers 


snowshoe hare cinnamon rolls

Snowshoe hare cinnamon rolls

Are you ready to bake these delicious snowshoe hare cinnamon rolls? This recipe is perfect for the whole family to make together!

Create a nature journal

Let's create a nature journal! After following this step-by-step guide, head outside and begin journaling. 

Ice fishing

Ice fishing can be an excellent way to get your family outside after the weather turns cold. With the right gear and knowledge, families can stay safe and enjoy reeling in fish while on the ice.


Knowing what fish species you want to catch is crucial to success on the ice. The species you target will determine where you should start fishing and what lure you should use. Visit your local sporting goods store for information on what lures have been working lately and where to start. You can also use our interactive fishing map to see which species inhabit a waterbody. 


We have a lot of safety equipment on our packing list, but sometimes, knowledge is the most important safety tool. Watch this helpful video for tips on telling if ice is safe to fish on.

Wildlife coloring pages

Inspire a kid to protect Wyoming waters