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WY Hunt Fish

WY Hunt Fish supports partner organizations conducting educational and mentored programs focusing on hunting and fishing.
Participant fishing at sunrise

Are you interested in learning to hunt or fish?

Mentored hunting and fishing programs are a great way to learn in a supportive community. WY Hunt Fish programs introduce you to hunting and fishing in a non-intimating way. 

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WY Hunt Fish supports educational and mentored programs focusing on hunting, trapping and fish skills in Wyoming. WY Hunt Fish is associated with individual programs or events, not the organization. The Wyoming Game and Fish Department may support these programs through Game and Fish's communications platform, event registration and application support and the WY Hunt Fish brand.


WY Hunt Fish programs are not for profit.


Programs are broken into two categories: skills events and mentored programs. Skills events are single-day programs that focus on developing hunting or fishing skills. Mentored programs are multiday programs that focus on developing new hunters and anglers.


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A woman fly fishing in a creek reels in a fish while a man helps net the fish.

If you are interested in hosting a WY Hunt Fish program, please contact William Poole at william.poole@wyo.gov