An Access Yes Walk-In Area sign on a fence with a small mountain off in the background

Walk-In Area rules

A Walk-In Area is a tract of private or state land on which the Wyoming Game and Fish Department has leased certain privileges for public hunting or fishing enjoyment. Please help keep these areas open yearly by respecting the landowner, following the Walk-In Area rules and donating to Access Yes when purchasing your hunting or fishing licenses.

Hunters or anglers are not required to seek permission from the landowner directly as long as they are hunting approved species during the access period, as shown in the access table for that Walk-In Area. All WIAs have signs posted to mark the boundaries.

Unless explicitly stated otherwise in the access table for a certain WIA, the following regulations apply to all private and state lands enrolled in the Walk-In Area Program.

See Chapter 23 of the Wyoming Game and Fish Regulations for the complete rules.

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Walk-In Areas are private property and only landowners may allow other activities such as trapping, antler hunting, photography, etc.


Access is limited to individual access for hunting and does not include access for any commercial activity, including outfitting of hunters.

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Only hunt the species that are allowed to be hunted on a Walk-In Area. Refer to the appropriate table for the specific Walk-In Area. WIAs may be enrolled for hunting or fishing.

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No preseason scouting or access outside the dates in the access table.

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Motorized vehicles are prohibited. Some large WIAs may have exceptions. See each access table.

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No construction of blinds, pits or other structures, including pop-up blinds.

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No camping.

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No fires or possession of lighted, smoking materials outside your vehicle.

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Do not litter and pack out all trash. This includes spent shotgun shells or hulls.

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No shooting within 100 yards of buildings and livestock.

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Do not trespass on adjoining private lands not enrolled in the Walk-In Area program.

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Hunters are required to purchase a Pheasant Management Stamp to hunt pheasants on Walk-In Areas in counties where pheasants are stocked. See current pheasant regulations for more information.

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All other state and local laws apply. Species may only be hunted during open seasons according to Game and Fish Commission regulations.

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If there is a drop box available, hunters must deposit landowner coupons for big game animals harvested on deeded land.

"Take" means hunt, pursue, catch, capture, shoot, fish, seine, trap, kill or possess, or attempt to hunt, pursue, catch, capture, shoot, fish, seine, trap, kill or possess.

Important definitions for access areas explicitly allowing the use of motorized vehicles:

An established road is defined as “any road or trail which has been graded or constructed to carry motor vehicles, or on which repeated motor vehicle traffic has created well-defined tracks.”

designated road is defined as “only established roads marked as open by a white arrow sign.