Hunter education course

Hunter Education

The Wyoming Hunter Education course outlines safe practices to prevent fire-arm accidents while improving hunting knowledge and emphasizes ethics and responsibilities for new hunters.

A volunteer hunter education instructor observes a hunter education student's shot placement.

Hunter Education Course

Attain your legal certification after learning how to safely handle firearms, and gain an understanding of hunting ethics.

Game and Fish hunter education instructor gives archery tips to a bowhunter education student.

Bowhunter Education Course

Bowhunter Education is not required to bowhunt in Wyoming, however the course is offered in Wyoming. Click here to learn more.

A volunteer hunter education instructor teaching an in-person traditional hunter education class as students listen intently.

Become a Hunter Education Instructor

Wyoming Hunter Education courses are offered primarily by our volunteer instructors. Follow the link to learn about the requirements, expectations and duties of our volunteer instructors.

Students stand in front of yellow school busses for a group photo.

Hunter Education in Schools

Inspire your students to safely explore outdoors by teaching them how to be ethical hunters and handle firearms.

A mento assists a youth hunter in a field as they prepare for a deer hunt.

Hunter Education Exemption

Hunter Education is required to hunt with a firearm in Wyoming if you were born on or after January 1, 1966. However there are some exemptions to this legal requirement.

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