Badwater Ranch

Open year round

Please review the general regulations. Access limited to easement area marked. Access road and parking areas are not plowed in winter. No overnight camping. No motorized vehicle or mechanical modes of transportation allowed on the easement, except on marked public roads.

Fishing, Hunting, Hiking


Casper Regional Office
3030 Energy Lane
Casper, WY 82604

(307) 473-3400

Lander Regional Office

Commonly Found Species

Big and Trophy Game in this Area
Below are specific Big and Trophy Game species commonly found within this River area.
  • Antelope - 73/75
  • Deer - 34/36
  • Elk - 48/120
Fish Species in this Area
Below are specific Fish species commonly found within this River area.
  • Brook Trout
  • Brown Trout
Small game and Birds in this Area
Below are specific Small game species commonly found within this River area.
  • Sage Grouse
  • Mountain Grouse
In the southern Bighorn Mountains in northwest Natrona County, the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission hold an easement on 4,546-acres of private land for non-mechanized recreation. The easement allows for hunting, fishing, hiking, nature study, photography, and viewing or enjoying wildlife, scenic, or scientific sites. The Badwater Ranch Public Access Area also allows for legal access to thousands of acres of BLM and OSLI lands. The easement is open to public access throughout the year. No motorized vehicles or bicycles allowed, except on Oakie Trail, Road 101 -- foot or horseback travel only. Parking permitted in designated areas only. Public horses, livestock, and pets shall be under user control at all times. Public horses and livestock shall not graze on the easement. No camping and no fires allowed. WGFD does not plow the access road and parking area in the winter.