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The chance your pet will encounter a trap or snare is rare, but if you recreate in Wyoming you should be prepared if it happens. Knowing when trapping seasons are open is one important step to preventing your pet from getting caught. You are responsible for understanding the risks of having pets off-leash and the local rules and regulations regarding your pets and recreation.

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The height of trapping season

October to March

The height of trapping season is October-March when the furbearing animals' fur is at its thickest.


If your pet has been caught in a trap please call 1-877-943-3847 to report the incident.

Pet owners can reduce conflict with traps

Below are a few tips all pet owners should know to avoid conflict with a trap.


Learn how to release your pet from traps and snares, and carry the needed release tools when your pet is off-leash.


Leash your pet whenever you can.


Train your dog to sit or stay calm when restrained. Train them not to pull or tug.


NEVER allow your dog onto private property, and teach your dog to stay close when walking off-leash.


Take a trapper education class and learn to recognize areas where traps and snares are commonly set.


Follow all laws, ordinances and regulations for the area, and for the type of recreation, you are participating in.


How to release your pet from a trap

Knowing how to remove a trap or snare before you recreate outside with your pets is a good idea. Keeping your pet safe is your responsibility. Read about how to release different traps and what tools you may need to carry. If a pet is accidentally caught in a trap or snare, you can remove it with simple instructions and tools. 

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Release Toolkit

It is helpful to carry a toolkit for trap release. Recommended tools to aid in the release of your pet are listed below.

  • Airline cable cutters for 3/16" wire
  • Stout rope (3/8"-1/2" in diameter by 8' long) to use as a muzzle so your dog does not bite you are to aid releasing from a body grip trap
  • A coat or covering for your dog's muzzle while you release the trap
  • A small trap safety for pet owners pamphlet


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