Person holding pheasant

Possessing Wildlife

Prior to importing, possessing or transporting live wildlife in Wyoming, a permit is required. Please review all applicable regulations.

Person holding pheasant


Wildlife as pets, circus events, bird dog training, etc.  
Possessing Live Warm-Blooded Wildlife
Possessing Live Cold-Blooded Wildlife

Chapter 10
Application and Regulation

Chapter 69 
Application and Regulation



Special use permits, scientific research, education, etc.

Chapter 33 Regulation, forms and applications
Pheasant farm, Springer

Game Bird Farms

Commercial game bird farm operations, sale of game birds, competitive game bird hunts on bird farms.


Chapter 60 Greater Sage-Grouse Raised on Private Game Bird Farms: Application 


Chapter 40 Regulation, forms and applications
Orphaned pronghorn

Wildlife Rehabilitation

Requirements for care and treatment of sick or injured wildlife.

Chapter 45, Wildlife Rehabilitation

Nongame Wildlife

Requirements for possession, sale or taking of nongame wildlife.

Chapter 52, Nongame Wildlife