Wildlife crossings

Annually, there are an average of more than 7,600 vehicle collisions with big game in Wyoming, resulting in wildlife and personal injury costs. The Wyoming Game and Fish Department, as well as the Wyoming Department of Transportation and various wildlife and community groups, want to reduce those numbers by taking action to give wildlife the green light for safe passage.

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Donations will go to the wildlife crossing initiative to help pay for a variety of projects that help make wildlife and motorists safer on Wyoming roads.


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Underpasses & overpasses

Highway underpasses and overpasses, coupled with wildlife-proof fencing, can reduce crashes by 80-90 percent and ensure animals can safely cross roads to get to seasonal ranges.



Signs can make drivers aware of areas where wildlife are more likely to try and cross roads, and encourage motorists to slow down in these areas.

Wildlife friendly fencing


Proper fencing or additional gates can help wildlife cross roads more quickly and avoid conflicts with traffic.

vegetation removal

Vegetation removal

Removing vegetation on the side of roads make wildlife more visible to drivers.