A game warden interacts with two anglers while checking their fishing licenses near a backcountry lake in the Wind River Range.


At the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, we're dedicated to conserving wildlife and serving people. We're committed to conserving, enhancing and protecting Wyoming's exceptional fish and wildlife resources and the habitats that support them. View our current openings and apply to join the Wyoming Game and Fish team today.

  • Clark's Fork hatchery personnel clean the concrete raceways with a long-handled floor squeegee.
  • Boys camp
  • Game and Fish hunter education instructor gives archery tips to a bowhunter education student.
  • Story Fish Hatchery Superintendent Steve Diekema transfers kokanee fish eggs into a cooler to prepare the eggs for shipment to the Speas Fish Hatchery
  • Employee examines fish at the Wyoming Game and Fish Fish Health lab

For over a century, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department has managed Wyoming's premier wildlife resources. While the department began primarily to enforce hunting and fishing laws, its role has expanded dramatically. The Game and Fish is responsible for more than 800 species of fish and wildlife in the state, about 100 of which are considered game species pursued by hunters and anglers. We employ a dedicated, professional staff of more than 400 individuals across the state to help fulfill our mission of conserving wildlife and serving people.

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Benefits To A Career With Us


Healthcare Coverage

Employees enjoy comprehensive healthcare coverage, including medical, dental, and vision plans, ensuring their well-being and that of their families.

Retirement Plans

The State of Wyoming offers multiple retirement plans, which provide financial security and stability for employees once their career in public services comes to an end.

Time Off

The state recognizes the importance of personal time. It offers generous paid time off and flexible arrangements, allowing employees to recharge, take care of personal matters, and maintain a healthy work-life integration.


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The next generation of wildlife and habitat conservation professionals will face many challenges. If you want to help solve these issues, consider a position with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, and become part of one of the premier wildlife agencies in the country.