Angler in a Wyoming Hat holds a Master Angler sized sauger for a photo on the shore

Master Angler

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department is pleased to provide a program that recognizes the catch of trophy-sized fish from our phenomenal waters. There are three levels of achievement: Master Angler, Trophy Angler and Ultimate Angler.

Bronze Medal

Master Angler

Catch one fish of a qualifying length.

Silver Medal

Trophy Angler

Catch any five species of a qualifying length.

Gold Medal

Ultimate Angler

Catch any 10 species of a qualifying length.


Open to all anglers -- resident and nonresident.


Fish must be caught with legal methods and during open seasons in Wyoming.


Entries can be made anytime for fish caught after June 1, 2019.


Anglers are limited to one Master Angler entry per species, per calendar year. Submissions for Trophy Angler and Ultimate Angler have no time limitations.


Each entry must be accompanied by one side-view photograph, preferably with either the angler or another object (e.g., ruler) that can be used to validate length.


Qualifying fish must meet or exceed the minimum length established for that species. Length is defined as the total length of the fish (nearest 1/2 inch), from the snout to the tip of the pinched tail. 

Largemouth Bass on a bright-colored ruler

How to measure a fish

Take the total length of a fish in inches, as measured in a straight line along a flat surface, from the tip of the snout to the tip of the tail. For the Master Angler program, qualifying fish must meet or exceed the minimum length established for that species. 

Fish Species

For the Master Angler Program, qualifying fish must meet or exceed the minimum length established for that species. 

Select a species from the drop down menu to see more information on each fish. 

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Brook Trout

Master ANgler

Minimum qualifying length for Master Angler: 16"

Typical length for Brook Trout: 12"

Where to find Brook Trout: Brook Trout are found all throughout Wyoming. From the high alpine streams to creeks and streams on the plains.

Species list

Species Name Minimum Qualifying Length (Inches) Species Image
Brook Trout 16 Show Species Illustration
Brown Trout 23 Show Species Illustration
Burbot 28 Show Species Illustration
Channel Catfish 28 Show Species Illustration
Crappie 12 Show Species Illustration
Cutthroat Trout 18 Show Species Illustration
Freshwater Drum 22 Show Species Illustration
Golden Trout 16 Show Species Illustration
Grayling 16 Show Species Illustration
Kokanee 20 Show Species Illustration

Master Angler award recipients

First Name Sort descending Last Name Species Measure (Inches) Location Date of catch
Aarika Smith Lake Trout 38 Flaming Gorge Reservoir 01/18/2020
Aaron Nollen Cutthroat Trout 18.5 Diamond Lake 01/21/2024
Aaron Nollen Rainbow Trout 22 Wheatland Reservoir 3 12/31/2023
Aaron Valenciano Rainbow Trout 24 Diamond Lake 08/02/2023
Aaron Hardesty Walleye 23 Wheatland Reservoir 3 07/01/2023