Two people viewing a computer screen with an elk hunt area.

Application Process

Please note: once you have added applications to your shopping cart and you are ready to pay for your purchases, you will be redirected to our credit card vendor’s site to enter your payment information. If the settings on your computer do not allow you to redirect to another website (which many work computers do not allow) do not attempt to enter applications. You will need to be on a computer that allows you to leave the Department’s website and be redirected to the credit card vendor’s website to complete your applications.

How to apply for a license online

I’ve submitted my application - now what?


After you have applied, you can log back into the online system and:
View and modify previously submitted applications. 
View the Application Dates and Deadlines for the modify/withdrawl date.  After the Commission meeting in late April, you are encouraged to check the Department’s website to verify that your season dates have not changed. The modify/withdrawl date for bighorn sheep, moose, mountain goat and wild bison is prior to the April Commission meeting. If you need to modify your application, go to the Department’s website and log in as you did to enter the drawing. When you get to the “Hunting Applications Available” page, click on “View Previously Submitted Applications” and then the “Modify” button and select the “Continue to Update Areas and Types” button.  You will not be able to modify the fee type for which you have submitted your application. For example, you can’t change from a regular to a special or a reduced price to a full price or vice versa. The party organizer must make the modifications to party applications.
Withdraw your application from the drawing (see applicable deadline dates for withdrawing applications).
For deadlines for withdrawing applications using the Department’s website, please review the application dates and deadline chart.  Applicants may not withdraw from the Super Tag or Super Tag Trifecta drawing or a preference point-only purchase. If you withdraw your application(s) from the drawing, your license fee(s) will not be refunded until after the drawing.      
To withdraw an application, go to the Department’s website and log in as you did to enter the drawing.  Select “View Previously Submitted Applications” and then the “Modify” button and the “Remove Application from Drawing” button.
View results after the drawings are held. 
Go to the Department’s website and under the “Hunting in Wyoming” button, scroll down to “Application Quick Links” and choose “Draw Results.” Enter your first name, last name, mailing zip code and date of birth to see if you were successful in the draw.
Successful applicants will be mailed their license within thirty (30) days of the drawing date. Elk, deer and antelope regulations have been combined into one brochure, which will be mailed in August. Applicants who do not receive a license or refund within thirty (30) days following the drawing result date should notify the Department.  Unsuccessful applicants will no longer receive refund warrants, but will instead have a credit applied back to their credit card. License fees are returned to unsuccessful applicants. Applicants who wish to obtain results prior to receiving their license(s) in the mail may access this information at the Department’s website or by calling 307-777-4600.