Hunter Management Areas

Hunter Management Areas are parcels of land where the Wyoming Game and Fish Department manages access for hunters. All hunters who wish to hunt these access areas must obtain a printed permission slip. Please see the individual HMA Ranch Rules for additional information on the specific species, hunt area(s) and number of permission slips available.

How to apply for a HMA


Select HMA

View all HMAs on the statewide map, search by species or property. If you know where you want to hunt, you can select the HMA name from a list below.


Gather information

We have many field personnel available to assist you. From local game wardens and biologists to regional offices, we are here
to assist you with local information.


Apply for permission

Once you have collected your information, decided on a HMA and read the Ranch Rules, click on the "Apply for permission slips" button. Enter the required information exactly as it appears on your current licenses.

HMA First-Come First-Served Report

View HMAs that have permission slips remaining on a first-come first-served basis.

View HMA information

To view specific HMA information, select the area from one of the drop down menu's, click the point on the map or select the HMA name below.