Instream Flow Segment Map

Instream Flow Stream Segments

Bear Creek (Lower)
Sheridan Creek
Bear Creek (Middle)
Bear Creek (Upper)
Beaver Creek
Beaver Creek (North)
Beaver Creek (South)
Big Laramie River
Big Sandstone Creek
Big Sandstone Creek, North Fork
Buckskin Ed Creek
Burroughs Creek
Camp Creek
Cedar Creek
Clarks Fork River
Clear Creek #1
Clear Creek #2
Cliff Creek (Lower)
Cliff Creek (Upper)
Coal Creek
Coal Creek (Howland Cr)
Coantag Creek
Cottonwood Creek, North
Cottonwood Creek, South
Crandall Creek
Currant Creek
Dead Indian Creek
Deadman Creek
Deep Creek
Deer Creek
Dell Creek
Dick Creek
Dirtyman Creek
Douglas Creek
Douglas Creek (Trib to Big Sandstone)
Dry Medicine Lodge Creek
East Fork Wind River (above Wiggins Fork)
East Fork Wind River (BLM Lower)
East Fork Wind River (Lower)
East Fork Wind River (Upper)
East For Wind River (BLM Upper)
Encampment River
Fish Creek (Wilson) #1
Fish Creek (Wilson) #2
Fish Creek (Wyoming Range)
Fisherman Creek, North Fork
Francs Fork Creek
Gilbert Creek
Gilbert Creek, Little
Giraffe Creek
Granite Creek
Green River
Green Timber Creek
Greybull River
Greys River
Greys River, Little
Hams Fork River
Harrison Creek
Hoback River (Lower)
Hoback River (Upper)
Hobble Creek
Horse Creek
Huff Creek
Jack Creek
Jakeys Fork (at Dubois Hatchery)
LaBarge Creek
Lake Creek
Lander Creek
Little Bighorn River
Little Bighorn River, Dry Fork
Little Bighorn River, West Fork
Littlefield Creek
Little Muddy Creek
Little Snake River, North Fork
Lodge Grass Creek
Marquette Creek
McKinny Creek
Medicine Lodge Creek
Middle Fork Long Creek
Mill Creek
Muddy Creek
Muddy Creek (Sunlight Basin)
New Fork River
North Platte River
Nugget Gulch Creek
Packstring Creek
Pickett Creek, North Fork
Pickett Creek #1
Pickett Creek #2
Pine Creek Direct #1
Pine Creek Direct #2
Pine Creek Secondary #1
Pine Creek Secondary #2
Piney Creek
Piney Creek, Middle
Piney Creek, North
Poker Hollow Creek
Popo Agie River, Little
Porcupine Creek
Powder River, Middle Fork
Rabbit Creek
Raymond Creek
Red Creek
Roaring Fork Little Snake River
Rock Creek
Rock Creek (at Como Bluff Hatchery)
Rock Creek (LaBarge Creek Tributary)
Rose Creek
Sage Creek
Salt Creek
Salt River
Sand Creek
Shell Creek (Lower)
Shell Creek (Upper)
Shoal Creek
Shoshone River
Smiths Fork, East Fork
Smiths Fork River
Smiths Fork River, North Fork
Soldier Creek
Solomon Creek
South Piney Creek
Stonefly Creek
Sweetwater River
Ted Creek
Tensleep Creek
Tensleep Creek (at Wigwam Hatchery)
Third Creek
Timber Creek
Tongue River
Trail Ridge Creek
Trespass Creek
Trout Creek
Trout Creek (Bighorns)
Trout Creek (Trib. to North Fork Shoshone)
Wagonhound Creek
Water Canyon Creek
West Branch Creek
West Fork Long Creek
White Creek, Little
Wiggins Fork (Lower)
Wiggins Fork (Upper)
Willow Creek
Wind River
Wood River (Above Middle Fork)
Wood River (Below Middle Fork)
Wood River, Middle Fork
Wood River, South Fork

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