Porcupine Creek - Segment No. 1


Central Bear



From the boundary line between Sections 23 and 26 down to the confluence with the Smiths Fork River.
Take state highway 232 east from Cokeville and continue about 12 miles paralleling the Smiths Fork River to where the pavement ends. At this point the road forks, but stay to the left (go straight ahead continuing to follow the Smiths Fork). Continue another 10 miles on this gravel road that gradually transitions to a dirt two-track. You’ll see Hobble Creek canyon coming in on the right (east), at which point you’ll shortly find a two-track, 4-wheel drive road that forks off from the main gravel road and dead ends along the Smiths Fork near the mouth of Hobble Creek. From the end of the road follow the Smiths Fork upriver (north)about a mile and a half to Porcupine Creek that flows in from the east.