Littlefield Creek



TFN 35 4/245


All non-native fishes in Littlefield Creek have been removed by the department and replaced by native Colorado River cutthroat trout, mountain suckers and speckled dace. A viable population of cutthroats exists in the stream today.
When dry, the roads to Littlefield Creek are passable by most vehicles though a high-clearance 4-wheel drive vehicle is a safer choice. However, when they're wet it's best to fish somewhere else for a day or so until they dry out. Of the several ways to reach Littlefield Creek you can go south from Rawlins on the Deep Creek Road. In about 27 miles, turn right (southwest) on the McCarty Canyon Road. Follow this road for about 5 miles to its junction with the Miller Hill Road. Take this road northwest about 4 miles to where it forms a "Y" at the bottom of a steep hill. Take the right hand fork and go a little over 3 miles to a two track trail that cuts back to the southwest and goes through a fence. Continue on this rugged trail a little over a mile to where the road crosses the stream. A good place to park is next to the old shipping corrals at the top of the short slope immediately past the crossing.