South Beaver Creek


Big Horn Lake

TFN 35 2/235


Begins at boundary between BLM and private land and extends down to the London ditch diversion.
Take highway 14 east from Greybull until you reach the Beaver Creek Road at Reeves Corner. Turn left and travel about ¾ mile and take a right at Flitners Corner. After another mile take a left and travel approximately 8.6 miles down the Beaver Creek road until you reach a fork in the road. Here take a right and head up the Beaver Creek drainage about another 5.2 miles keeping Beaver Creek on your left. At this point you will reach a parking area for trailers with a sign that says “no camping.” Park here and hike or use ATVs to access the creek via London Ditch. There is a good 2-track maintenance road that follows the ditch to the creek on public property. Be sure to park your ATV out of the way for any maintenance efforts. The segmnent begins shortly upstream from the diversion dam.