Savery Creek (from High Savery Reservoir)


Little Snake

TF31 2/105


Immediately downstream of High Savery Reservoir
From the Higley Blvd intersection on I-80 in Rawlins, go north about 100 feet to Highway 71 and turn left (west). This road parallels I-80 before bending south and passing under it. From where the road goes under the interstate, go 39.5 miles on blacktop and good gravel to the Brown's Hill Road about one mile past High Savery Reservoir (on your right). Turn right (west) on the Brown's Hill Road and go 4.5 miles to a good gravel road going off to the north (right) with a metal gate. Take this road 2.5 miles to a locked gate on the hill above High Savery Reservoir. You'll have to park here and walk down to the stream below the dam. Only the first mile or so of stream below the dam is on public land. The majority of the instream flow segment below this point is on private land where you'll need to secure permission from the landowner(s) and likely pay a fee to fish. Note that the Brown's Hill Road is negotiable by most vehicles when it's dry but can be virtually impassable immediately following even a light rain.