East Fork (Wind River) BLM Upper Segment


Upper Wind



Upper and lower extents mark boundary between Spence-Moriarity WHMA and private lands.
From Dubois, go about 10 miles east on Highway 26/287. Look for a sign on your left next to a good gravel road with separate signs indicating the East Fork Road and the WGFD Spence/Moriarity and Inberg/Roy WHMA. Turn left here and go about 6 1/2 miles to the bridge over the Wiggins Fork (enters from the north). Continue on the East Fork Road about another 3.5 miles, crossing over Bear Creek along the way. Go approximately 4 miles past Bear Creek to where a road forks to the right and switch backs down the hill toward the creek on your right. The instream flow segment begins at the bottom of the hill where the road crosses the stream and extends upstream about 1.6 miles.