Lodge Grass Creek


Little Bighorn

TFN 36 6/43


Confluence with Line Creek upstream to an unnamed tributary near upper extent of YCT population.
Take highway 14A east 37 miles from Lovell or west 18 miles from Burgess Junction. Turn north on Forest Rd 11, or the Sheep Mountain Road. After about 3 miles, there is a four-way intersection; turn right to stay on Forest Rd 11. This is a good gravel road for much of the way. Travel another 6.5 miles from the intersection past Duncum Mountain and past the turn off to Boyd Ridge down to a fork where you turn to the left and the road becomes much rougher (the better road continues to the right, but that is Forest Rd 111). From this point, ATVs are recommended. Travel another 5 miles, just past the turnoff for Forest Rd 103 to Forest Rd 101. Take Forest Rd 101 for about 0.75 mile down to an area near the cow camp. Park here and hike 1 mile down to the instream flow segment.