Sweetwater River - Segment No. 1





From the boundary line between Sections 17 and 18 down to the BLM boundary with private property.
This instream flow segment can be a little difficult to find due to the many unmarked roads in this historic mining district of the state. But for the adventurous angler the destination is well worth the time spent finding the segment. To reach this instream flow segment go to Atlantic City via highway 28 south of Lander. From Atlantic City take BLM road 512 south from town. In about 2.5 miles there's a major fork at which you'll want to turn left on road 511 toward the Willie's Handcart Company monument. There's an interesting visitor center at this historic site but continue on another 3 miles to where a two-track road forks off to the right (south). Take this road that goes towards the Sweetwater and it'll lead to a bluff overlooking the river about a half mile downstream (east) from Strawberry Creek. The road goes down the hill to the stream but while you can get down the hill in a 2-wheel drive vehicle, you'll need 4-wheel drive capability to make your way back up.