North Platte River - Segment No. 1


Upper North Platte



From the Wyoming-Colorado border down to Cottonwood Creek.
Take highway 130 17 miles west from Laramie to where highway 11 branches off and goes to the community of Albany on the edge of the Medicine Bow National Forest. The road becomes USFS road 500 here. Continue on this road about 2 miles and then take USFS road 542 that branches off to the left. In 4 1/2 miles this road "T's" with USFS road 543. Turn right (north) at this junction and go about 1 1/2 miles to where USFS road 511 branches to the left - take that road. In another 2 miles USFS road 511 turns sharly right (north) and the road straight ahead is USFS road 512. You'll take road 512 and stay on it another 8 miles until it leads down to the North Platte River. The downstream end of the instream flow segment is just downstream from here at the USFS boundary. The upstream end is about 15 miles upstream (south) at the Colorado border. There are several places to park here and a nice campground at the mouth of Douglas Creek just to the south of where you hit the river.