Permissions Slips and Application Dates

Big Game (deer, pronghorn antelope, and elk) Permission Slips for Peterson Draw HMA:  Unlimited permission slips for Antelope, Deer and Elk. Please see Ranch Rules for more information.
Species  Application Dates Opens Permission Slips Hunt Dates
Antelope July 13, 2023_8:00 AM (MST) Unlimited Permission Slips September 1 - December 31 
Deer July 13, 2023_8:00 AM (MST) Unlimited Permission Slips September 1 - December 31


Waterfowl and Dove hunting for Peterson Draw HMA.  Please see Ranch Rules for more information.
Species/License Types Applications Date Opens Permission Slips  Hunt Dates
Waterfowl July 13, 2023 - 8:00 AM (MST) Unlimited *see commission regulations
Game Bird July 13, 2023 - 8:00 AM (MST) Unlimited *see commission regulations

Waterfowl, Doves, Antelope


Peterson Draw HMA is open September 1st - January 31st, for the take of Antleope, Deer, Waterfowl and Doves during the specific species season as published in the 2023 Game and Fish Commission Regulations.

You no longer have to drive up to the main office area to sign in.  You must have a Peterson Draw HMA permission slip in hand and on the dashboard of vehicle in parking area while hunting.

*Limited Range Weapon Only!

For more information please see below.

Laramie Regional Office
1212 S. Adams St.
Laramie WY 82070

(307) 745-4046

Big and Trophy Game Allowed on this HMA:

Antelope Doe/Fawn Antelope Deer Doe/Fawn Deer Elk Cow/Calf Elk Moose Bighorn Sheep Mountain Lion Black Bear
X - 34 - - - - - - - - -

Small Game, Upland and Game Birds Allowed on this HMA:

Waterfowl Pheasant Sharp-Tailed Grouse Sage-Grouse Blue Grouse Sandhill Crane Dove Partridge Turkey Rabbit
X - - - - - X - - -
"X" denotes specific species you may hunt on each specific HMA. Hunt Area's Denoted in RED after "X".

General HMA Information

Each hunter must possess an appropriate permission slip and vehicle pass for the time period and type(s) of animal they are hunting before entering the HMA.


Each Hunter Management Area has a unique set of ranch rules. It is the hunter’s responsibility to know, understand, and comply with the ranch rules in order to utilize the HMA. Failure to comply is a violation of Game and Fish Commission Regulations and may result in fines, the termination of access privileges, and/or other legal penalties. Hunters should abide by the ranch rules and respect the landowner and the land for continued access opportunities. Remember, we are guests on their property!


The Wyoming Game & Fish Department commends these participating ranches for their contributions to wildlife management and hunter access.