New South Riverton Game Warden
Conor Curran is the new South Riverton Game Warden for the Wyoming Game and Fish Department.

Curran grew up in an Air Force family, moving every four years before finally settling in Washington State.  In 2018 he earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Washington’s Community, Environment, and Planning program, with a minor in Aquatic and Fishery Science.  He began his career with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department as a Game Warden in Sept. 2021 and graduated from the Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy in May 2022.  In Aug. he transferred to the South Riverton Senior Game Warden position and replaced Mitch Renteria who moved on to become a biologist in his home state of Nebraska.

Warden Curran says “I look forward to acquainting myself with the Riverton community and the excellent hunting and fishing opportunities in the area.”

Wyoming Game Wardens are responsible for wildlife law enforcement and education, damage and prevention, data collection, and wildlife management duties.  You can reach Warden Curran at 307-856-9005.


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