A youth hunter is accompanied by a mentor on a pheasant hunt at Springer Wildlife Habitat Management Area.

Hunter Education Exemptions

Anyone born on or after January 1, 1966, must complete a hunter education course in order to hunt with a firearm in Wyoming. Anyone born before January 1, 1966, does not need hunter education to hunt with a firearm in Wyoming. A few more exemptions to the hunter education requirement can be found below. 

Types of hunter education exemptions

Accepted Non-Wyoming Hunter Education Certificates

Click this option if you are curious if your hunter education from a different state, province, or country is valid in Wyoming.

Hunter Mentor Program

Click this option if you are trying to hunt in Wyoming but weren't able to take hunter education and can't find any available classes before you need to hunt.

Law Enforcement and Military Exemption

Click this option if you are an active or retired Wyoming peace officer. Also click here if you are an active, retired, or dishonorably discharged member of the military.

Accepted non-Wyoming hunter education certificates


Wyoming Game and Fish will accept any hunter education certificate issued by another U.S. state, Canadian province, or Mexican state. These certificates need to meet the minimum standards established by the International Hunter Education Association (IHEA) in order to be accepted. 


For people who have a non-Wyoming hunter education certificate, we currently cannot display your HE certificate on your Wyoming hunting license or upload the certificate to your Game and Fish Dashboard.  Please carry proof of your non-Wyoming HE certificate in the field while hunting.


Wyoming Game and Fish also accepts hunter education certificates from various countries. Please email wgfhuntered@wyo.gov to see if your country is accepted for valid hunter education in Wyoming. 

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Hunter Mentor Program

The Wyoming Game and Fish provides the Hunter Mentor Program (HMP) as a temporary one-year exemption to individuals who have not taken a hunter education course yet.


Wyoming's HMP allows a person who still needs to earn their hunter education certification to hunt while accompanied by a mentor. This temporary exemption creates opportunities for those interested in hunting to experience a hunt before committing to the hunter education coursework.

A mento assists a youth hunter in a field as they prepare for a deer hunt.

Who can be a Hunter Mentor or Mentee?

Serving as a hunter mentor is a great way to recruit new hunters and provides seasoned hunters with a way to give back to the hunting community. Being a mentor can be a great experience, but it carries some responsibilities. Mentors should be prepared to provide a safe and memorable first-time hunting experience by conducting themselves in a safe, legal, ethical, and responsible manner at all times. The mentor is responsible for ensuring his or her mentee hunter understands the appropriate hunting regulations, safe hunting practices, and ethical considerations during any mentored hunting experience.


To qualify as a mentor in the Wyoming HMP, the mentor must:

  1. Be at least 18 years of age.
  2. Possess a valid hunter education certificate while in the field with the mentee.
  3. Possess a current and valid Wyoming hunting license while in the field with the mentee.
  4. Sign the mentee's special authorization certificate.
  5. Document the hunting license type/number on the mentee's special authorization certificate.
  6. Supervise only one (1) hunter mentee at a time in the field (a family member may mentor multiple immediate family members).
  7. Maintain direct supervision (within sight and direct voice contact) of the hunter mentee at all times while in the field.

Anyone who plans to hunt in Wyoming may participate in the hunter mentor program. A mentee can hunt for any species with appropriate licenses but must be at least 12 years of age to hunt big game in Wyoming. A mentee shall apply for one special authorization valid for one year from the issue date. A mentee can hunt with multiple mentors when enrolled with special authorization as long as the mentors meet the above-listed requirements. A new copy of the special authorization shall be printed out and signed by each mentor. After enrolling in the HMP, the mentees are encouraged to check the Game and Fish website hunter education course schedule to enroll in a class so they may continue with a lifetime of hunting.
If the hunter mentee is under 18, he or she must obtain parental/guardian permission to apply for special authorization. The mentee must always carry the special authorization certificate while hunting, just as hunters must carry their hunter education cards. The hunter mentee is also responsible for obtaining all necessary licenses, stamps or permits for the hunt.



Register for the hunter mentor program


The HMP program is free. Enroll for special authorization on the Game and Fish website.

To register for the HMP online, the hunter mentee must fill out the application and they will need the following information:

  • Full legal name
  • Address
  • Date of birth
  • Last four numbers of their social security number 

Once the information is entered and the mentee is registered, the special authorization certificate must be printed and signed by the hunter mentor, mentee and the mentee's legal guardian if the mentee is under 18. The signed special authorization certificate must be carried by the mentee while hunting.


Duplicate HMP certificates can be reprinted through the same system at no charge. Find my HMP certificate.


This special authorization is not valid to hunt in Elk Hunt Areas 75 and 79.



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Law Enforcement and Military Exemption

The following individuals qualify for a hunter education exemption:

  • An active member of the armed forces of the United States
  • A honorably discharged member or veteran
  • An active Wyoming peace officer
  • A retired Wyoming peace officer


Individuals will be required to provide credentials including a military identification card, DD214 form, peace officer credentials or retired officer documentation.

Hunter Education Exemption Application form