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Owls branch out in downtown Casper

April 27, 2018
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Great-horned owls test new flying skills

Casper - Young owls in the Casper area are starting to “branch.”  Great-horned owls start their nesting process early in the year with eggs being laid in January and February.  At about six weeks old, the young great-horned owl’s feet are fully developed, so they use their strong talons and start to wander away or “branch” from the nest.  But don’t despair, mom and dad know exactly where they are located and will continue to deliver food to them as they grow stronger and perfect their flying skills.  Heather O’Brien states, that while it takes a few weeks to learn to fly, you may see these owls in strange places.  “If they are in an area where they are safe, just enjoy the view, but if it looks like they could be in danger, then give us a call,” says Heather.  She wants to remind people not to try and help the owls because they are extremely strong and can hurt people with their beak and talons.  “I have had a few close calls while trying to keep them out of harm’s way,” she recalls.  You can contact the Casper Game and Fish at 307.473.3400.

You might remember past years,  owls were located at the Sunrise Shopping Center and Sportsman’s Warehouse, well this year it is downtown Casper.  So while out in Casper this spring, don’t forget to look up, and down, you might get to see a great-horned owl!

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