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Game Wardens Experience Cold Water Immersion Training

April 27, 2018
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Game Wardens learn the "1-10-1 rule"

Casper - Game and Fish would like to thank the Casper Fire-EMS for assisting us in with Cold Water Immersion Training.  The training is part of the curriculum that new game wardens undergo to prepare them for situations they may encounter while in the field.  With ice just off the water at Bryan Stock Trail Pond in Casper, game wardens experienced what might happen to their bodies if they assist someone in a cold water rescue or if they fall through the ice while checking ice fishermen.  People immersed in cold water experience a heightened rate of breathing, confusion, difficulty breathing and muscle tension.

Most bodies of waters in Wyoming remain below 70 degrees F throughout the summer boating season, with many staying much colder.  The new game wardens were made familiar with the “1-10-1 rule” when immersed in cold water.  This means that a person has one minute to control their breathing, 10 minutes of meaningful movement (swimming, treading water) and one hour before becoming unconscious due to hypothermia.  Wearing a life jacket will dramatically improve your chances of survival should you end up immersed in cold water.

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