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Beavers help with riparian restoration

April 27, 2018
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Beavers use Christmas trees to help reduce erosion

Casper - The Game and Fish Casper Region recently live-trapped and relocated two nuisance beavers into a riparian restoration project area.  Several days following release, the beavers showed how resourceful they can be at creating dams by using Christmas trees that we stockpiled to use for maintenance of the man-made dams.  This activity will help with the riparian restoration effort by increasing the number of dams, providing additional structures that will dissipate flood water energy, trap sediment, and expand the riparian vegetation such as willows and cottonwoods.  The expansion of the riparian habitat community will benefit several wildlife species that include, but are not limited to, mule deer, waterfowl and various species of birds.  This is also part of a long-term project to reduce sediment from being deposited in the North Platte River.

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