Brucellosis Raffle


The department is holding a raffle to recognize Hunter's contributions to brucellosis monitoring and encourage more participation in this program.  


Hunters will be entered into the raffle by returning a usable blood sample and a completed data card from the blood kit they received via mail or handout. Hunters that successfully draw multiple tags, and receive various kits, will be entered for each kit returned.  The raffle drawing will be held in March 2024. Increasing our sample size can provide more statistically robust estimates of brucellosis prevalence at finer scales (e.g., Hunt Area vs. Herd Unit) and further help WGFD and researchers understand spread, prevalence, and possibly management actions that control brucellosis.  

Thanks to our partners, whose donations are greatly appreciated and who this raffle couldn't be possible without.  Thanks also to all the hunters whose participation is critical to surveilling brucellosis in free-ranging elk in Wyoming.  Good luck with your hunt and the raffle!  All prizes must be shipped within the US only.


2023 Raffle Partners

The 2023 raffle partners include Benelli, Browning, Vortex Optics, Sig Sauer, and Maven.