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New “Springer Special Fast Pass” to save time at check station

October 05, 2021
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Laramie -

The wait is over — or at least, it will be a lot shorter. The Wyoming Game and Fish Department is debuting a new system to make the check-in system at the Springer Special Pheasant Hunt faster, allowing everyone to get into the field quickly to enjoy their hunt. 

A new “Springer Special Fast Pass” will save eligible hunters considerable time during check-in at the Springer Special Pheasant Hunt, which typically takes several minutes per hunter. 

“We realize waiting in line at the check station can be frustrating for hunters who are anxious to get into the field. The new Springer Special Fast Pass will cut down on the time qualifying hunters have to stand in line to check in,” said Robin Kepple, information specialist for the Game and Fish in the Laramie Region.

Qualifying hunters who have drawn a permit for the 2021 Springer Special Pheasant Hunt, and have already purchased all the required licenses and stamps, will receive an email with the pass and directions on how to use it, the business day before their scheduled hunt.

To receive a Springer Special Fast Pass, pheasant hunters will need to purchase or possess all the required licenses and documents for the hunt prior to their scheduled hunt date. Those requirements are:

·         Game bird license (annual, daily, lifetime or pioneer. Youth under 14 do not require a license but must be accompanied by an adult and have a hunter safety card.)
·         Conservation stamp (Not required for daily or pioneer licenses)
·         Pheasant special management permit
·         An on-record hunter education course in Wyoming (if born on or after Jan. 1, 1966)
·         Springer permit (mailed to applicants successful in the draw)

Hunters who have drawn a Springer permit, purchased all the required licenses and stamps, and who have completed hunter education in Wyoming will receive an email with their electronic pass. 

“At this time, the Springer Special Fast Pass is only available for Wyoming residents, or anyone who has completed hunter education in Wyoming, because we don’t have access to verify completion of hunter education from other states,” Kepple said. “However, nonresidents or people who have completed hunter education in other states who have all their licenses and permits will still experience a faster check-in.”

Kepple emphasized that hunters who didn’t take hunter education in Wyoming will need to bring their card or certificate to verify that requirement at check-in.
For qualifying hunters, all license purchases must be made by 5 p.m. one business day prior to their hunt date. The licensing system will email the Springer Special Fast Pass that evening. 

“If you have already purchased everything, you will receive an email with a QR code with your pass. You can print the QR code, or save it to your phone and show it when you check in. We’ll scan your printout or your phone and get you out into the field much quicker,” Kepple said.

“To get the benefits of the Springer Special Fast Pass, be certain to purchase all your licenses and stamps before you go hunting, then bring your pass to the check station and everyone will get through the line faster,” Kepple said.

Stand-by hunters will benefit from the new, fast system as well, especially if they arrive with all required licenses and permits. Upon check-in, hunters will be issued a printed Springer permit with a barcode that will speed up the check-out following their hunt.  Hunting licenses and Pheasant Special Management permits will still be available to purchase at the check station.

Hunters are also reminded they are still required to carry all licenses, permits, stamps and hunter education cards in the field while hunting. 

“The Springer Special Fast Pass does not replace licensing requirements, and you are still required to have these documents on your person while in the field,” Kepple said.

If you have questions about the Springer Special Fast Pass: contact the Laramie Regional office at (307) 745-4046. 

- WGFD -

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