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Wolverine sighting in the Southern Winds

June 19, 2019
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Trail camera captures a rare sight

Lander - Louis Lake Lodge Owner Steve Faerber captured this wolverine on a trail camera this spring. Steve placed the trail camera right in front of the Lodge and was shocked when he saw a wolverine crossing its path.  The Lodge is located in the southern part of the Wind River Mountain Range outside of Lander in the Shoshone National Forest along Forest Road 300.
Game and Fish surveys between the winters of 2015-2017 documented at least three wolverines in the Wind River Mountains, including 2 females and 1 male (verified genetically). The southern portion of the Range represents the southernmost edge of known and consistently occupied wolverine range in the United States.
Wolverines are in the weasel family, and they are awake all winter. They have large paws that act like snowshoes allowing them to move quickly and with superior grip on top of the snow and ice giving them an advantage over their competitors. These tough animals may travel 15 miles in a day in search of food, and are very rare to see in the wild.
We love that Steve shared this trail camera photo with us as Game and Fish is always interested in any sightings of wolverines in Wyoming. Thanks Steve!

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