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June 19, 2019
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How can you inspire a kid this summer?

Lander - Although anytime of the year is great for inspiring a kid, spring is particularly fitting. Inspiring kids to learn about wildlife and the outdoors is a great way for them to kick off summer. Filling their minds with questions and possibilities might just send them outside searching for answers or seeking adventure. 

Research has shown that direct exposure to nature is essential for healthy childhood development –physical, emotional and spiritual (Last Child In the Woods, Louv 2008), and children who don’t experience nature likely won’t grow up to cherish it and protect it.

Wyoming Game and Fish continues to work hard to close the divide between the young and the natural world. See pictures of some recent Game and Fish youth outreach events.

How can you inspire a kid this summer? Here are some recent ways that your Game and Fish has:

4th Grade Outdoor Education Day 
This day is organized by many agency partners to help 4th graders learn about being outdoors from ethics to bird watching and wildlife conservation.

Youth in STEM
 At a 2019 middle school youth in stem event kids learned about Game and Fish careers with a few region wardens. Photos of work in the field, animal furs, and questions and answer sessions gave kids some great ideas on future career paths. 

5th grade Sinks Canyon Day
On this day, 5th graders explore the trails of Sinks Canyon State Park. Using G.P.S. devices, they navigate to eight outdoor learning stations.



Animals in Wyoming  
 Riverton Smart Start Preschool had Riverton game wardens visit their classroom. They brought many educational furs and taught two separate age groups about biology and what game wardens do. The kids had a great time being able to tell stories and ask questions about wildlife.

Career Exploration
Riverton Wardens Jessica Beecham and Mitch Renteria taught a career exploration course at the Riverton Frontier Academy to high school aged youth. These young adults were presented with different career paths within Game and Fish, and asked great questions regarding wildlife and related positions.  Similarly, in Rawlins, West Rawlins Game Warden John Pokallus conducted an elementary school workshop on what a game warden does and some information on basic evidence collection from wildlife crime scenes.

Get into Summer-Library Party
At these annual event kids, and families arrive to learn have fun and learn about how they can fill their time over the summer. During a fishing activity, kids learned to identify native fish and took home information about youth fishing challenges.


Wyoming Outdoor Weekend
350 school kids and additional 2000+ people attend this year’s event, meant to educate and inspire an outdoor lifestyle in the State.


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