What requires an AIS decal?
There are many different types of watercrafts and water toys available and knowing whether or not you need an Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) decal can be confusing. Hopefully this will help:
  • All motorized (this includes gas and electric) watercraft in Wyoming require an AIS decal.
  • All hard-sided canoes and kayaks require an AIS decal.
  • All sailboats require an AIS decal.
  • All non-motorized inflatable watercraft ten (10) feet in length or less, all solid and inflatable paddleboards regardless of length and all devices defined as water sport toys (float tubes, pull behind rafts) do not need an AIS decal.
For a breakdown and further definitions see the chart below, the picture chart here, and/or the 2019 boating regulations or call your local regional office and they can help.

AIS decals can be purchased at any license-selling agent or online. The cost for a resident, non-motorized decal is $5 and the non-resident cost is $15. For motorized watercraft, non-residents whose watercraft is registered in another state, it will cost $30 for a motorized AIS decal. For residents who have their watercraft registered in Wyoming the cost of the motorized AIS decal is $10, but most of the time this is combined with your registration.

The craft in the picture above does not need an AIS decal.
Watercraft AIS decal Requirement
Sailboats (Both motorized and non-motorized) Required
Motorized or non-motorized drift boats, small fishing boats and dories that use oars or electric motors Required
Motorized or non-motorized canoes and kayaks Required
Motorized inflatable watercraft including inflatable personal watercraft Required
Non-motorized inflatable watercraft OVER 10 feet in length including rafts, canoes and kayaks Required
Non-motorized inflatable watercraft UNDER 10 feet in length including rafts, canoes and catarafts EXEMPT
Non-motorized paddle boards,
surfboard, sailboards, and kite
Water sport toys including float tubes and tow behind floats EXEMPT


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