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Preparing for the “First Hunt”

August 29, 2019
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Cody - In early August, a group of first-time hunters gathered to sharpen their skills in preparation for their first hunting experience. 

Together with their experienced mentors, the first-time hunters walked through a course designed to simulate real hunting scenarios.  The hunters, who are a part of the First Hunt program, are preparing for their real-life deer hunts in September. 

The First Hunt program is a unique collaboration between the Wyoming Outdoorsmen, the First Hunt Foundation and the Wyoming Game and Fish Department to give first-time hunters an opportunity to experience their first hunt with an experienced mentor.  Thanks to the Antler Ranch, the hunters will have special access to harvest a white-tailed doe on the ranch west of Meeteetse. 

Earlier this summer, First Hunt participants met at the range to become acquainted with their mentor and sharpen their marksmanship skills.   The simulated hunt provides an opportunity to shoot at various yardages and different shooting positions in natural terrain.  Participants also learned how to work with their mentor in a hunting scenario and how to distinguish between a white-tailed doe and mule deer doe. 

The First Hunt program is already looking for kids ages 12-17 and adult women in the Bighorn Basin who would like to participate next year!    Call Tara Hodges at 307-527-7125 for more information.    

Mentor Caitlin Youngquist spots as first-time hunter Oakley Alonzo of Worland prepares to take a shot at the 80 yard target. 

Taggart Shumway (middle) and his father Joseph Shumway (left) of Lovell with mentor Brad Thompson.  After shooting, the hunter and mentor walk to the target to evaluate shot placement. 

Feature photo: Isaac Stensing of Powell takes aim at a cardboard deer target while mentor Fred Williams First Hunt Foundation Wyoming Director coaches him through the process.

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