Thank you to all who worked on the wildlife fencing project


On  August 10th,  Wyoming Game and Fish Department and Bureau of Land Management personnel, along with 17 volunteers, constructed a steel jack fence, approximately 1900 feet of it, to protect riparian vegetation and aspen communities from severe browsing pressure.  Placement of the fencing will allow sites to heal and plant communities to regenerate, ensuring that it remains intact and provide at higher levels for animals into the future. Another goal of this project is to help protect essential stopover areas for the historical Red Desert to Hoback mule deer migration. 

“Two locations totaling some 3,500 feet are planned to receive fence this year,” says WGFD Habitat Biologist Troy Fieseler. “One location is on the east side of Steamboat Mountain and the other is near the Wind River front along the Jack Creek Drainage. Not only do these areas provide critical habitat for mule deer, but also for other big and small game, as well as sage grouse and nongame species. Habitat communities in these areas receive intense use and many are in poor condition. The objective of this project is to use steel jack fence to give these sites some much-needed rest to allow them to heal, so they can once again perform at high levels for animals to use them.”

A sincere thank you goes out to everyone who helped:

Bowhunters of Wyoming (BOW)
Pinedale Energy Partners (PEP)
Muley Fanatics Foundation
SOS Well Services
Trout Unlimited
Bureau of Land Management
Wyoming Outdoor Council
Terry Fieseler
Sarah Fieseler
Larry Ellis
Andreas Thyrsted Laursen
Brian Parks
Duane Kerr

Please click on this link to learn more about the volunteer efforts of Pinedale Energy Partners
Lucy Diggins-Wold 307-875-3225, ext. 18607

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