Sweetwater County Walk-In Areas

Species Available and Hunt Areas for this County:

Antelope: 95
Deer: 132
Elk: 107
Walk-in Area Rules

Last Modified: July 2, 2020

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Landowner Information to Participate in the Program

Overview of walk-in areas in this county:

"X" denotes specific species you may hunt on each specific Walk-In Area. Hunt Area denoted in red after "X".

WIA Number Approx. Acres WIA Access Dates Waterfowl Pheasant Sharp- tailed Grouse Sage- Grouse Blue Grouse Sandhill Crane Doves Partridge Turkey Rabbit Antelope Deer Elk Moose Bighorn Sheep Mountain Lion Black Bear Area Information Area Map
2 3389 08/15 - 03/01 X - - X-1 - - X - - X X - 95 X - 132 X - 107 - - - - Sweetwater County Walk In Area 2 Details Map
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