Soda Lake

May 1 at 6am - Dec. 1

Please review the general regulations. No human presence Dec. 1 - May 1 at 6am. 14 day camping limit. No fireworks. Motor vehicles restricted to roads marked with white arrows. Certified weed free hay required. Soda Lake wetlands closed May 1 - July 1 for nesting/brooding waterfowl. Cutting of firewood prohibited

Dec. 1- May 1 at 6am

No Collection of shed antlers or horns January 1- May 1 at 6:00 AM

Fishing, Hunting, Trapping, Camping, Hiking, Wildlife Viewing

Parking, Comfort Stations, Camping, Boat Ramps


Pinedale Regional Office
432 East Mill Street
Pinedale, WY 82941

(307) 367-4353

Commonly Found Species

Big and Trophy Game in this Area
Below are specific Big and Trophy Game species commonly found within this WHMA area.
  • Antelope - 87
  • Deer - 140
  • Elk - 96
  • Moose - 3
  • Mountain Lion - 3
  • Black Bear - 19
  • Wolf -
Fish Species in this Area
Below are specific Fish species commonly found within this WHMA area.
  • Brook Trout
  • Brown Trout
Small game and Birds in this Area
Below are specific Small game species commonly found within this WHMA area.
  • Rabbit
  • Sage Grouse
  • Waterfowl
  • Mountain Grouse
This 3,750-acre wildlife habitat management area (WHMA) near Pinedale, WY was established in 1948 as part of a series of elk feedgrounds created to provide winter forage and reduce damage to private haystacks. Soda Lake is on the west side of the Wind River mountain range and is home to 800 elk that are fed from horse-drawn sleighs from December to May each year. In addition, native plants at Soda Lake and adjacent public lands provide spring and fall grazing for elk and many other wildlife species. This area is in a region of rolling sagebrush uplands bordered by the foothills of the Wind River Range. Elevations vary from 7,440 feet to 7,980 feet. You will find sagebrush grasslands, aspen, mountain shrubs, and meadows. Soda Lake, along with adjoining wetlands, attracts many species of waterfowl and other birds. Enjoy the waterfowl-viewing hut located at the developed wetland above the lake. Many wildlife species benefit from the WHMA's habitat diversity. Besides elk, you may see mule deer, Pronghorn, black bears, Sage grouse, songbirds and many small mammals. Moose also frequent the wetland area. Hunting is good to excellent within this area and the adjacent U.S. Forest Service lands. Fishing opportunities are excellent for Brook and Brown trout in Soda Lake. The Soda Lake area provides access to the Bridger Wilderness Area, as well as the Bridger-Teton National Forest, the largest forest in the lower 48 states. Endless opportunities exist for sightseeing, hiking, photography and camping in the Soda Lake area. This WHMA lies within bear country, please visit our bear wise page for information on recreating in bear country -