Red Rim-Daley

Recreational Uses:

The Daley Segment of Red Rim Wildlife Habitat Management Area is approximately ten miles southwest of Rawlins off Interstate Highway 80.  One of the newer wildlife habitat management areas, Daley was established to provide crucial winter habitat for pronghorn antelope and a variety of other wildlife.  Up to 200 pronghorns summer here and as many as 2,400 will winter here.  Pronghorns feed on sagebrush, which remains free from snow cover on the windswept slopes of the rim.

The landscape is covered with saltbrush, sagebrush and greasewood.  To the west there are hills, ravines and rock outcroppings.  Separation Creek is the only water of any significance flowing through these lands.  The creek contains water and is active only when spring runoff from snowmelt or rainwater occurs.

Besides antelope and mule deer, you will find ferruginous and redtail hawks, kestrels, prairie falcons and golden eagles here.  There are owls, coyotes, prairie dogs and many types of sparrow.  You might even spy a badger, hopefully from a safe distance.

Fishing is non-existent in this area, but hunting for antelope, rabbits, mule deer and sage grouse is good.  Care should be taken not to disturb wildlife, especially during harsh winter months.

Camping is permitted in designated camping area with a 14-day camping limit.

Red Rim - Daley is open all year, however, drifting snow closes most trails in early winter.

Last Modified: 8/3/2017 12:00:00 AM

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