Spring is a great time to take hunter education


4/24/2023 8:34:06 PM

Cheyenne - Big game applications are open, and if you’re thinking about hunting now is a good time to sign up for hunter education. Classes are offered statewide, are scheduled well into June and volunteers are expected to post more in the next few months. To register for hunter education visit the hunter education website

“If you’re a new hunter, now is a good time to take a hunter education course,” said Katie Simpson, Wyoming Game and Fish Department hunter education coordinator. “The earlier you sign up, the better. Classes fill quickly and you do not want to miss your opportunity to finish a course before it's too late.” 

For busy folks, a hybrid course option is available. Hybrid courses are good for those who can’t make a regular course or who want to work at their own pace. These hybrid courses require students to complete an online course and then attend a 4-hour, in-person field day to earn their hunter education certification. 

“Hunter education strives to promote safe and ethical hunting while teaching skills that will prevent hunting and firearm-related accidents,” Simpson said. “New hunters also will learn about the tradition of ethical hunting and their role in conservation.”

Game and Fish is always looking for qualified volunteers to teach hunter education courses and help ensure new hunters have a thorough understanding of safety, ethics and conservation. People who are interested need to fill out an instructor application packet and complete a federal criminal background check prior to attending a new instructor workshop. The next new instructor workshop will be May 11-13 in Pinedale. 

Don’t let not having your hunter education certificate hold you back from applying for a hunting license. You do not need your hunter education card to apply for hunting licenses in Wyoming, but you are legally required to carry it with you when you are in the field. 

Hunter education is required in Wyoming for all hunters born after Jan. 1, 1966, with exemptions for military and law enforcement. Wyoming also offers a hunter mentor program for hunters who don’t yet have hunter education certification, but would like to experience a hunt before committing to the coursework. For hunters who are new to or don’t live in Wyoming, certifications from other states are permitted. Proof in the field is required at all times. 

To register for a class, visit the hunter education website.

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