EOG Resources Inc. recognized as 2022 recipient of Game and Fish Industry Wildlife Stewardship Award
The Wyoming Game and Fish Department is proud to announce oil and gas operator EOG Resources, Inc. as the 2022 recipient of the Industry Wildlife Stewardship Award. The award honors companies whose primary mission is not wildlife-related, but who choose to make a positive impact through development and improvement for the benefit of fish, wildlife or habitat. Game and Fish Director Brian Nesvik recognized EOG Resources on April 17 during the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission meeting in Casper.

“It is important to acknowledge industry partners who strive to be responsible stewards of our natural resources and Wyoming’s wildlife,” Nesvik said. “EOG has gone above and beyond to help restore habitat, reduce environmental impacts and actively monitor wildlife resources across hundreds of square miles in northeastern Wyoming.”

EOG Resources is one of the largest oil and natural gas producers in Wyoming with proved reserves, producing wells and ongoing development activities in multiple basins throughout the state. 

“We are humbled and honored to receive the Industry Wildlife Stewardship Award,” said Colleen Marples, vice president and general manager for EOG Resources. “The Wyoming Game and Fish Department has been a great partner, and we are thankful to be recognized for our stewardship and conservation efforts.”

EOG has long demonstrated a proactive and voluntary approach to conducting wildlife surveys and other conservation efforts in Wyoming. Over the past 12 years and in collaboration with land and wildlife management agencies, EOG has developed and implemented an avian monitoring and mitigation program that voluntarily collects extensive raptor and prey-based data in the Powder River Basin. The data is used to inform the company’s long-term planning and project decision making and has proven extremely valuable for wildlife and land management. The operator has also made the infomation, which includes substantial GPS data from ferruginous hawks in the region, available to scientists for incorporation into peer-reviewed research that can better inform wildlife management.

EOG has also collaborated with Game and Fish and the Bureau of Land Management to restore sagebrush habitat in the Powder River Basin. With the company’s support, seedlings have been planted to reestablish vegetation and accelerate the restoration of native grasslands and shrublands on more than 400 acres to date. Based on the growth rates of these sagebrush seedlings, the company is identifying future planning sites and evaluating how to enhance planting practices. 

In addition to their monitoring efforts and land stewardship, company representatives work collaboratively with the Game and Fish Habitat Protection Program to reduce environmental impacts to wildlife.  

“EOG takes a multi-faceted, collaborative approach to conservation and goes above and beyond with their monitoring and reclamation efforts,” Nesvik said. “Their approach to land stewardship exemplifies the kind of wins that can be accomplished for wildlife and habitat when we all work together.”

About EOG Resources

EOG Resources, Inc. (NYSE: EOG) is one of the largest crude oil and natural gas exploration and production companies in the United States with proved reserves in the United States and Trinidad. To learn more visit www.eogresources.com.

Breanna Ball, Public Information Officer - (breanna.ball1@wyo.gov)

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