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A Traditional Hunter Education Class or Online Hunter Education Course - Which is Best for You?

In addition to the traditional hunter education classes being offered in communities throughout the state, a Wyoming specific online hunter education course is available for those looking to obtain their hunter education certification. A traditional HE class averages 15 hours of classroom time while the online course time frame varies greatly depending on how long a student needs to complete all lessons and the required 4-6 hour internet completion course (ICC).
Due to the independent nature of the online course, younger students often have difficulty at internet completion courses. Younger students who choose this option are encouraged to work with adults to help understand the concepts presented.
Students with little or no gun handling experience may struggle with the firearms handling proficiency field test. ICCs are designed as a venue for students to demonstrate their firearm handling skills and lessons learned via the online HE course. In such cases where ICCs do not best meet student’s needs, registering for a traditional course is recommended.

Hunter Education Information
Hunter Education Registration

Requirements Prior to Attendance at an Internet Completion Course

The Wyoming online HE course must be completed with an entrance voucher printed prior to being admitted to an ICC. The only accepted Wyoming online HE course, can be found at All lessons for the Wyoming online course are completed via our sole vendor whereby a voucher may be generated upon course completion. The online vendor will charge $19.95 from each student to cover administrative costs and must be paid to generate the voucher.
Registration for all WGFD sanctioned ICCs is to be completed prior to a student attending the ICC and should be completed just prior to completing the final lesson. These entrance vouchers have a six month (180 day) expiration date from the date the online course is completed. Current listings for ICCs are updated weekly and are conducted each month at various locations around the state.

Hunter Education Course Schedule

Requirements During an Internet Completion Course

Upon arrival, students confirm registration with the ICC assessor and present an ICC entrance voucher to be allowed to participate in the ICC assessments and final hunter education exam.
ICC assessors may charge up to $10 to defray out of pocket expenses used to cover ICC supplies.
When ICCs are full, occasionally pre-registered students do not show up at which time, walk-in students may be allowed admittance. Walk-in students have a strong likelihood of getting into these classes if they arrive on time and ready to go.
During the ICC, the assessor will review specific wildlife laws and regulations and hunter ethics activities. The assessor will measure the student’s firearm handling skills either through inert firearms or through live fire.

Review of Steps to receiving your hunter education certificate by taking the Wyoming Online HE Course and the accompanying Internet Completion Course

1. Read all Wyoming hunter education and online HE requirements on the WGFD website.
2. Go to and create a user account. You will be directed to pay $19.95 (to the online course vendor).
3. After successfully completing the online course students will be directed to print an ICC entrance voucher.
4. Check the WGFD – Internet Completion Course (ICC) course listing.
5. Register for an ICC on the HE course listing page, attend the ICC on this date and time.
6. Present voucher to field day assessor, engage in review lessons, assessment activities and final exam.
7. Receive a Wyoming HE temporary certificate of completion, which is valid for two weeks.
8. After two weeks, print a permanent HE certification card on the WGFD website.
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