Game and Fish: New rules on scouting for game animals with aircraft
With the evenings getting cooler in Wyoming, many hunters are turning their attention to scouting for the fall hunting seasons. The Wyoming Game and Fish Department is reminding hunters that it is illegal to use aircraft to do their scouting or aid in taking game animals from August 1-January 31.

Previously, hunters were only required to wait for a 24-hour period before hunting game animals that had been located with an aircraft. The current regulation, revised earlier this year as a result of considerable public input, now reads: No person shall use any aircraft with the intent to spot, locate and aid in the taking of any game animal from August 1 through January 31 of the following calendar year. Nothing in this Section shall apply to the operation of an aircraft in a usual manner where there is no attempt or intent to locate any game animal, such as aircraft used for the sole purpose of passenger transport.

It should also be noted that the term “aircraft” means any machine or device capable of atmospheric flight. This includes but is not limited to an airplane, helicopter, glider, dirigible or unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV or drone).  If you have any questions on this or any other hunting laws or regulations, please contact your local game warden, Game and Fish office or visit the Game and Fish website.
Wyoming Game and Fish (307) 777-4600

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