Become a hunter education instructor and teach the next generation of Wyoming hunters


3/13/2023 8:28:32 PM

Cheyenne - Are you interested in teaching the next generation of Wyoming hunters? The Wyoming Game and Fish Department is looking for volunteer hunter education instructors to help ensure new hunters have a thorough understanding of safety, ethics and conservation. 

“The Wyoming hunter education program would not be possible without the network of dedicated and passionate volunteer instructors,” said Katie Simpson, Game and Fish hunter education coordinator. “They are living examples of how every hunter should demonstrate safe, ethical and responsible behavior to themselves, other hunters, landowners and the natural resources they use.” 

People who are interested will need to complete the following steps prior to attending a new instructor workshop:

  1. Fill out the instructor application packet.
  2. Complete and pass a federal criminal background check at no cost through a secure online form.

New instructor workshops will be April 13-15 in Casper and May 11-13 in Pinedale. If travel is required compensation may be provided. 

Ideal instructor volunteers have experience hunting and are passionate about teaching the next generation. They must also: 

  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Have a valid hunter education card.
  • Have experience with firearms and outdoor skills.
For more information about becoming a hunter education instructor, visit the Game and Fish website.

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