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How to Submit a Project for Review

To have a project reviewed by the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, send an email to wgfd.hpp@wyo.gov with the following information:
Send an email to wgfd.hpp@wyo.gov with the following:
  • Name of the project.           
  • Name of the proponent and the name of the entity submitting the project (if they are not the same).
  • Legal location of the project (township/range/section).
  • Description of the project.
  • Detailed map of the project area, including township, range and sections.
    • If submitting shapefiles (preferred), either send all the requisite file types as attachments or compress to a zipped file. Our email system cannot receive *.zip files, so the file extension must be changed.
  • Contact information for the recipient of the letter of review and any follow-up questions by HPP (email preferred).

HPP will review your project within 30 days and provide a letter of review.
Greater Sage-Grouse
Projects located within a sage-grouse core population area, or within 2 miles of a non-core area sage-grouse lek may need additional analysis for compliance with Sage-Grouse Executive Order 2019-3. If your project falls within these parameters, please contact HPP or visit our Sage-Grouse Management page.

Contact the Habitat Protection Program
 If you have questions regarding submission of your project, please call the Habitat Protection Program at 307-777-4506, or email us at wgfd.hpp@wyo.gov.

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