herd of mule deer in Pinedale region

Mule Deer in Wyoming

Mule deer populations have been declining. Both the Statewide Mule Deer Initiative and the Mule Deer Monitoring Program are working to make a difference.

Statewide Mule Deer Initiative

The Statewide Mule Deer Initiave relies on public involvement to stop the decline of mule deer in Wyoming.

Mule Deer Monitoring Program

The Mule Deer Monitoring program measures the effectiveness of management actions and influences future practices.

Statewide Mule Deer Initiative 

Those who appreciate mule deer have reported seeing fewer over the last several decades. The threat to mule deer is real. Mule deer populations are in decline across western North America. The Wyoming Game and Fish Department is committed to conserving wildlife for the enjoyment of residents and visitors, including doing all we can to reverse the downward trend among mule deer. 


Unfortunately, there are no quick fixes for the decline in mule deer populations. Mule deer will likely never return to the population peaks of 50 years ago. However, the success of efforts to stop mule deer declines in Wyoming will depend on public involvement. Mule deer are integral to maintaining the diversity and abundance of Wyoming's native species for generations to come, and you can make a difference. 

Wyoming Game and Fish Department's Mule Deer Working Group Publications

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Mule Deer Monitoring Program

Challenges + Opportunities

With ongoing population declines, Game and Fish utilizes new technologies and tools to understand declines better, measure the effectiveness of management actions and provide managers and the public with the most accurate information.

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State-of-the-art monitoring

public values

Cutting-edge information on harvest and public values

Robust data

Robust data on herd composition

Disease assessment

Disease and nutrition assessments

More information

More reliable information on herd size

immediate information

Access to data that's accurate and immediately available


Assessments of survival, movement and habitat use


Learn how this program invests in the future of Wyoming's mule deer.

Mule Deer in Wyoming

Read about the monitoring program at Game in Fish in the September 2023 Wyoming Wildlife magazine.

Focal Herd Updates

Review updates regarding focal herds from the monitoring program.