Game and Fish acknowledges public concern regarding Sublette County incident
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The Wyoming Game and Fish Department has received a considerable amount of phone calls, emails and social media messages involving the possession of a live wolf in Sublette County. The Department investigated this incident and cited one person.


“The actions and behaviors of the individual involved in this case are not reflective of Wyoming's values for wildlife,” Game and Fish Director Brian Nesvik emphasized. “The actions that came to light in this case were disrespectful to wildlife. These actions were not in keeping with conservation principles or ethical behavior. This incident casts a shadow over our state’s proven track record in successfully and responsibly managing our gray wolf population.”


The individual was cited for a misdemeanor violation of Wyoming Game and Fish Commission regulations, Chapter 10, Importation and Possession of Live Warm-Blooded Wildlife. The department’s investigation indicated there were no other statutory or regulatory violations. The incident occurred in a part of the state where gray wolves are legally classified as predatory animals. Predatory animals are not managed by the department and animal cruelty laws, per Wyo. Stat. Ann. 6-3-1008 (a)(vii) do not apply to predatory animals. 


The department acknowledges the significant concern and dismay expressed by many people from around the state and nation.  

Breanna Ball
Public Information Officer

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