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Sheridan Region landowners recognized with award

January 14, 2019
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Sheridan - Sheridan Region landowners Dee and Laurie Zimmerschied of Pine Haven were recently honored with a 2018 Access Recognition Program award.

Each year, the Wyoming Board of Agriculture, the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission and 
Wyoming Wildlife Foundation partner to recognize four landowners who contribute significantly to the hunting and fishing tradition of the Cowboy State by providing hunters and anglers access to or through their lands. Each landowner receives a check for $2,000 and the 2018 recipients were presented their awards at the Wyoming Stock Growers Association awards luncheon in Casper.

The Zimmerschied’s 3,000-acre ranch sits northeast of Pine Haven. The ranch has been in the family since 1928 and Dee remembers the family welcoming hunters to the property as far back as 60 years ago. 

Dee and his family allow hunters to hunt deer, antelope, sharp-tailed grouse, partridge, pheasant, mourning dove and turkey. Dee and Laurie know of more than thirty hunters who have harvested their first deer on the ranch and countless hunters have harvested their first turkey on the property. In addition to hunting, the Zimmerschied’s allow the public to fish on their property free of charge.

Dee and Laurie have one son that is currently in the Special Forces and another son that is an Army veteran.  In recent years they have become more involved with Hunting with Heroes and have partnered with neighboring landowners to allow hunting opportunities and access for active military and veterans to show appreciation for their service. 

Casper College’s Dee the Mammoth is named in honor of Mr. Zimmerschied. He discovered bones of the 11,600-year-old Columbian mammoth in 2006 when he was a backhoe operator working on an oil pad well near Glenrock.

“The Zimmerschieds have lifelong memories of thoughtful hunters, ranging from the gifts and treats that hunters have brought to the bags of trash some took the time to pick up along the roads and fence lines,” said Sheridan Region Access Yes Coordinator Troy Tobiasson, who nominated the Zimmerschieds for the award. “Their positive attitude toward hunters and wildlife, along with their endless generosity made them an outstanding nominee for the Access Recognition Program.”

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